Who can not wait to get out on their skis or wants to be ski-fit before the season’s circus starts? If this sounds like you, then check out our pre-season courses and find a rate that is right for you. Pre-season, we offer weekend courses for children between 13.30 and 15.30, as well as special weekend intensive courses ( full day ) for beginners, advanced and schnupper course for freestylers
Do you want to take advantage of the empty Piste’s in January? If so, why not book a weekend course. We have special between-season courses on offer.

Starting from the weekend commencing 7th/8th December, we are offering special, reduced-rate courses for children, beginners, advanced and freestylers. Added to that, we are offering a free course for children at kids land on Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th December between 13.30 and 15.30. This is so that we can further qualify our kids land interns. This is an offer not to be missed!

In January, we are offering children’s courses at kids land every Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 13.30 and 15.30. These course take place on the following dates: 4th/5th and 11th/12th and 18th/19th January 2020.
There is also a special intense weekend course(whole day) for beginners and advanced commencing 4th/5th and 11th/12th and 18th/19th and 25th/26th January 2020.