Course overview

The Nova courses offers something for everyone, regardless of your ability.

We work with our own course classification system. It has proven itself over many years and gives us the ability to constantly adapt to the trends in skiing.

The system will help you find the right course. If you complete a level, the division is also considerably simplified in the next course
We work with the three main groups – kids land courses, beginner courses and advanced courses.

The children’s area is for our little ones – from 2.5 to 3 years. We have four different course styles, all of which are taught in a friendly and playful way by our specially qualified ski instructors. In our own children’s area, they are introduced to skiing by our trained children’s ski instructors.

Beginners are very important to us. In our beginners courses, we offer young and old ideal teaching.

In our advanced courses, students are taught in grades. Grades 1-3 offer pupils the chance to advance from competent to very good skiers. These courses also form the basis for our specialist courses. Here it is possible to diversify into piste freestyle, Air & Park, carving and freeride further.

In Kids Land, even the youngest children will be taught with the latest methods by trained children’s ski instructors. These courses are taught in a playful way, so that the children have fun and make progress.

Kids land d (from 2.5 Years)
Handling skis, braking, balance

Kids land c
Handling skis, braking, balance, introduction to ski lift

Kids land b
Changing direction, Safely riding on the children’s ski lifts

Kids land a
Safely executing all the above points – on the Fadail Terrain – but only after they have passed a braking test.

In our group 1, the aim is to master the terrain securely. The safe use of lifts will also be covered as well as being able to change direction with half parallel turns.

Class 1c
Handling skis – braking – getting up on skis, introduction to children’s – and adults ski lifts.

Class 1b
Changing direction, half parallel turns, safely using the ski lifts

Class 1a
Parallel turns – Safely executing the above points

Parallel skiing on blue slopes already works well and you can ride alone on a ski lift. Your goal is to learn more about other forms of momentum, to land a few jumps and ski on challenging slopes.

Class 2c
Introduction to Carving – parallel turns with unloading / loading – Terrain: Fadail and blue runs

Class 2b
Parallel skiing – Carving – waves / troughs rides – parallel turns with unloading / loading – first jumps – heavy form short turn – Terrain: blue and red pistes

Class 2a
Rough shapes form short turns – safe control – all of the above – Terrain: blue and red runs

These courses will help you to complete the basic techniques and provide the foundation for further development in specific directions. The carving and short turns are deepened and applied to more difficult slopes . In addition, first rides are also next to the slopes and jumps are on the program.

Class 3c
Short swing – Jumps – Carve swings with high and low relief – carving on red runs – Terrain: blue and red pistes

Class 3b
Carving in steep terrain – safe and controlled slopes, jumps – Fakie safe rides – Introduction 180 ° – Terrain: blue and red pistes

Class 3a
safe control all of the above – Terrain: red and black runs

More and more young people choose Freestyle courses! Freestyle is an inseparable part of the ski culture. Advertising and videos aim it at young, cool kids. To get you started, we offer you three course directions. And all this under expert guidance. You decide whether you would rather be on the slopes or the Freestyle Park Drive.

Piste freestyle
Fakie-Fahrten – Ollie – Slope-Spins – Worm-Turn – Nose- Tail- Turns – Tail-Spin – Slide out – Jumps – 180° – 360°

Park Code of Conduct – Fakie rides – Introduction boxes drive – 180 ° – Slides on boxes – Introduction to Rails

Air Code of Conduct – Basic Air – Fakie-rides – 180° – Grabs – Switch jumps – jump variations – 360° – Switch Jumps

Would you like to feel the speed and glide on rails on the slopes? Whether beginner or an ambitious skier, our carving courses offer the right techniques using the latest methods.

Learn Carving techniques, first experiences with carved swing styles on easy terrain, safety aspects, carving with high relieving

Additional carving techniques also on steep terrain, short turns in gecarvter form, skiing with extreme tilt, carving with deep relieving

Experience the freedom of off-piste skiing and feel the fresh powder on the face. Our freeride courses offer you a safe entry into off-piste skiing. Piste technique, introduction to the use of safety equipment and security issues are on the agenda.


Behavior off the slopes – Learning how to handle deep snow – an introduction to the use of LVS / Probe / Avalanche Airbag – Safety aspects – skiing techniques for different snow conditions