We believe that more than 8 people in one class are too many to really benefit. Using small groups, we offer the customer high quality and the best possible support.
We guarantee our classes are never bigger than eight clients.

The cornerstone of our advanced classes are those marked 1-3. We will teach you techniques so that you can explore and enjoy the whole resort in a safe way and have great fun while you are at it! At the same time, it forms the basis for our special division courses including freestyle, carving and freeride.


Class 2 offers an introduction to freestyle, but in order to nail it, we recommend our designated freestyle courses.


In Class 2 we start to teach carving. If you want to do a course that is devoted entirely to carving, then this is the right course for you. It is suitable for beginners in the art of carving as well as those who are looking to perfect their technique.


Freeriding, or Powder skiing – this course is for those who are fans of off-Piste skiing. We will teach you the right techniques as well as instructing you on how to enjoy powder snow safely.